Meet The Cast

For those of you who don't know how my blog works, I'll explain it again.

It's anonymous. 

This means that there obviously can't be any photographs of the actual people (including me...) on it. 
Instead, I take a look at the people I blog about and decide which celebrity they most look like... just so you get a better image of us in your head. 

Firstly, there's me! 

Rachel Bilson long straight hair

Follow me on the journey of my love quest, filled with all sorts of tumbles and turns. 

Scotty's my current 'thang.' 

Can You Make It Through This Post Without Feeling Absolutely Delighted?

The boyfriend.

He's alright.. he's got a bit of a booze and drug problem and isn't always the sharpest tool in the shed but he's not a 'BAD' guy...

Alex is the delicious, almost ALWAYS shirtless doctor that I like to drool over in the gym.....

Zac Efron

He's also kind of started noticing me! -insert girlish squeal here-

On that note.. meet Marissa... the doctors bleached blond, sunbed scorched, anorexic ex with a lollipop head:

Heidi Montag

I call her Scary Spice....

She's absolutely bonkers!!!

God knows what he EVER saw in her!

Then there's Whitney.... Alex's new love interest, or so it seems: #face

Blonde. Skinny. Beautiful...

Outdoorsy. Classy.


Pretty much the whole package.


But then why did he tell me that she is just a special friend and hint towards having feeling for me???

Devon is a genuine, kind-hearted, nerdy guy that has always had a thing for me... but I just don't feel the same way:

Jason Sudeikis  - Comic Genius  - Awesome taste in ties

I don't want to lose him as a friend or a part of my life - but if I tell him I'm just not that into him (see what I did there? Ha!) I know I will lose him forever. 

Jared was this absolute dickhead I was kinda seeing before Scotty initially swept me off my feet:

MATT DAMON.......I have recently begun to really look at this man and he is beautiful.

He's out of the picture now, but just in case you decide to read this blog from the start.. his name will pop up.

Seth was a man-whore that I shamefully kissed one unmemorable night:

I don't think he is hot and I don't have a men's style board because to be honest I never notice men's style but there is something about this look I love!

His tongue was like a wriggly worm going halfway down my throat!!

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