Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Single Girl Problems

Last night was magical. 

I've decided not to wait around and be Jared's play thing so instead, I caught up with Scott, this martial arts, surfing, freaking HOT blonde fellow that I went on a date or two with in the past. 
I really thought that it was just going to be a friendly thing, especially when he confessed to having taken his ex-girlfriend back when we were sitting around a crackling bonfire on the beach last night. 
I decided not to let it bother me because it wasn't planned as a 'date,' anyway, it was just two friends catching up! But, as the night wore on, we realised that we were really gelling. Like, really, REALLY gelling. 
He told me that the reason he took his ex back is because I moved on after our dates a few months back. 
See, when we went on a date or two in the past, it was incredible. It was always so spontaneous and fun but he was still getting over his breakup and I didn't want to push things so I gave him space until we eventually just pretty much lost touch!

He kissed me last night. 

He was saying things along the lines of leaving his girlfriend (I can't remember it all as i was pretty drunk... oops). He said he wasn't happy with her and that he liked me. 
We were rolling around in the sand (I literally had buckets of sand in my hair and my ears this morning... Awesome!). We were kissing and tackling, laughing and playing on the beach. It was amazing and felt just as natural as the last time I saw him.  

It's now nearly been 24 hours and we haven't spoken since we said goodbye. 

i don't know if he regrets it or if maybe he's trying to find a way to break up with his girlfriend before contacting me again... I just don't know. 
Of course I feel bad for her. I don't want to be a home-wrecker. But Scott's amazing and when we're together it's just so refreshing and happy! 

So I'll see how that one plays out...

In other news, things with Jared are.. for lack of a better word... shit. 

One of the main reasons I branched out to Scott last night is because Jared has been so weird about being exclusive with me. That's all I want at the end of the day. To be a girlfriend. To fall in love. 

I don't want to be juggling men!!!

But Jared wants to take things slowly and then he goes off on weekends away and I have no idea if we're monogamous or not! It's confusing. So I asked him to give it to me straight so that I understand better and he admitted to being distant lately. He said that the fact that his friend, Craig, used to like me, bugs him and he's worried about it. I get that. Of course I do. He said that he's also worried about getting too attached. He's 34, a lot older than me... so I guess I understand that too.. he's at an age where if he dates someone he needs to be able to see a future with them I guess??? 

I told him that I respect his friendship with Craig and I'd never want to jeopardise it, but that he needs to respect me too. The balls in his court and I don't want to be strung along or taken for a fool... especially since I've been warned on what a man whore he is!!!

Jared said that he really does like me but I can't help but get this feeling that he's taking this as a big joke.

My mother (yes, I confided in her. Oh dear God, that's my first problem right there!!) said that I should just 'have fun.'
Technically I'm still single, she said, and told me to have fun and take my time. 

So whether it be Scott, Jared or freaking Seth (still ew...) only time will tell. 

Single girl problems...... ai ai ai....


  1. Hopefully you´ll solve it somehow. Honestly I don´t like Scott and boys like this. They have a girlfiend, but want the second girl too. Pathetic from them.
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    1. I know how bad it sounds, but Scott isn't a bad guy! I like to think he isn't anyway... I just have a gut feeling! Sounds weird I know.

  2. LOL at the meme's they are all on point! At least you have probably need to keep looking though..none of these guys sound like they are worth or ready to settle down. Keep ya options open, he'll come along when you least expect it!

    1. Thank you for your comment and advice. I know I should probably just scratch them all off..... but maybe they will surprise me?
      Definitely keeping my options open.

  3. Trust me these kind of guys are not worth dating!! Well your story is similar to my sis, she is almost same! Just drop these kinda guys and the best one will come to you searching for a gal like you!! Not just in fairytales it happens in real too! :)

    Happy thursday

    1. Charu, thank you for the inspiring comment and for giving me hope. I know the right guy will come along eventually - it is really fun documenting the trials and errors until that moment comes though.

  4. Your story is almost the same like mine.guys are sometimes so aweful!

  5. Well MG I am with your mom, just have fun. It's a chance to meet the right guy. And having fun isn't the worst thing in life ;)

  6. haha your memes were so on point, some of them definitely made me giggle. oi girl, you are in so many love triangles! from my experience, when a guy says that he wants to "take it slow" it just means he wants a casual relationship. sure sometimes feelings will grow and you'll become attached to one another, but i feel like they're really good at keeping a safe distance if they want to. And that really stinks you click so well with Scott but he got back together with his girlfriend :( Talk about terrible timing.

    xo marlen
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  7. the someecards are so funny, love the quotes on those... and about men, ugh... men are trouble... I'm still heartbroken from my last relationship, and I broke up 3 years ago!... and yes, I'm still hurt and depressed and want him back... but that won't happen... and I won't settle with anyone else, so I'm screwed... meanwhile... I've been juggling between depression and crying myself to sleep some nights; and dating... I've never been fond of commitment, I never wanted to be "a girlfriend", I always liked fun and my freedom and left once the guy wanted something serious from me.... I WAS like that before my ex... with him I fell in love like a fool since day 1... and I don't want to be that hurt again... I'm sticking to my freebies and not-exclusive, not-formal relationships.. I'm having fun and plan not to get hurt again.. I just lost my faith in love.... hope that doesn't happen to you... but also keep in mind, that once you dive into a relationship, you must be ready to face the consequences, in case things don't work out... I wasn't ready for that, I wasn't ready at all....

  8. Yikes! That sounds like a tough situation. I'm with your mom though haha Have fun! Especially if this Jared guy is being non-committal and vague. Definitely not worth your time and attention ;)

    On another note, thanks for commenting on my blog and being a new follower! I tried to respond to your comment via email but you're a "no-reply blogger" which means you haven't set up a response email in connection to your blog profile. If you google how to fix that, tons of tutorials will pop up! Anywho, thanks of helping me pick out some new glasses ;)