Monday, 1 September 2014

Who Am I

Today is the start of a new month. I didn't even know that until I logged onto Facebook this morning and saw my news-feed flooded with 'Happy September!' status'.

I've decided to start a fresh journal today to commemorate the first of the month. 
An online one. 
One without dates and limitations of just one page per entry like your usual yearly diary has. 
It's just so much pressure to write every day, especially when some days there's really not anything to say. It's disenchanting to see a bunch of blank pages between dates. 

So here's to a fresh, new start!

Today was good, I guess. 
See, I've started seeing this guy called Jared... but I've been warned that he's a bit of a player. Okay, not exactly just 'a bit.' Someone literally called him 'The Terminator.' It makes me nervous... but I'm one to talk though. I mean he went away this past weekend so I went out on the town and ended up hooking up with a friend of mine, Seth. 
It just sort of happened! 
One minute we were all on the dance floor and the next his face was right next to mine and he had his slithery tongue down my throat! Urgh. I then spent the rest of the night wallowing in self-pity. Especially when he whispered in my ear, "Do you want to have sex? I'll put a condom on!" (to which I just laughed at and called it a night... thank GOD). 

At the same time though I feel silly for feeling guilty about the whole thing. 
Jared said he wants to ask me to be his girlfriend but not yet; he said he needs to take things slow. What's that supposed to even mean? It's already been about a month. So technically I'm still single. Joy. 
And for all I know he was doing much worse than what I was this past weekend while he was gallivanting around in another town. 

Jared and I started out really nicely but now I'm just not sure. There doesn't seem to be that sexual 'spark.' Maybe it's because I'm overthinking it... I am just so ready to be involved and share my heart with someone.

I guess I just need to find that someone. 


Who am I? 


I'm still trying to figure that one out for myself.


  1. Hi hun! welcome to blogsphere! delighted to be the first follower, successes and keep in touch!

  2. I love your opening pic, it's very intriguing! I'm in the same boat as you girl, living the single life. Although sounds like you have some options with Seth and Jared :)

    1. Options I definitely have - but still.. it's tricky and hard!

  3. Welcome doll, thank you for visiting my blog. My pleasure to follow you back. I hope you enjoy this fresh new start and it brings you many new and exciting adventures along the way too :) xx

    1. Thanks Kizzy!! I am really liking this whole blogging thing so far!! 11 comments on my first post. Wow :)

  4. That Seth guy is awful and Jared isn't much better. Need to take things slow means he's looking if he can find someone else.


  5. Congrats on the new blog! Happy Sept!!

    <3 Shannon

  6. Welcome to the blogger world Mystery Girl, nice to meet you. Thx for the follow btw! just followed back. I am with Mira, both guys are not worth the time. And if there ain't any 'spark' so why waste your time anyway?
    Happy September girl

    1. It is so nice to meet you too lenya! And thank you for your advice. It really is very appreciated to hear wise words xxx

  7. hello and welcome, mysetry girl! ;) the photo is lovely and very intreaguing. be careful with both those boys - there's a difference between sharing your heart with someone you love and sharing, well, something else. i'm sure there's a great guy in your future, just be patient. it'll come. ;) good luck with the fresh start and happy september!

  8. What a pretty new blog! So glad you stopped by mine so I could find you!

    I agree with the ladies above: ditch both of those guys! There's nothing wrong with "taking things slow," but it sounds like this guy is using that as an excuse to keep you on the line while he keeps playing around. You deserve so much better!!!! You definitely deserve a man who is crazy about you and is proud of your relationship.

  9. Welcome here and wish you lots of success with blog. I agree with the opinions above me, both of the guys aren´t good enough, you deserve somthing better. I follow you back. :)
    Fashion Happenss

    1. Awhhh thanx Lia!! They are good guys though... i THINK!!
      I will keep you up to speed ;)

  10. Great post!