Friday, 13 February 2015

A Step in the Right Direction

I've taken a big step in what I hope is the right direction. 

Today is my first day off of 'the pill.' 
I'm not stopping it so that I can fall pregnant - that's the furthest thing from what I want at this stage of my life. In fact, I may possibly be the female version of Peter Pan! I just don't want to grow up.

No, I'm stopping the pill so that I can get my hormones back to normal. 
I'm very sensitive when it comes to the pill. It completes mucks up my emotions and hormones and turns me into an absolute gremlin. 
Since I started the pill about four months ago when Scotty came bursting into my life, I've noticed a big change in myself. 
I'm so much more sensitive and high strung. I get upset at the smallest of things and I really just don't feel like the old me. The girl that would go running into the sea in the middle of the night and risk the chance of hypothermia because I just wanted to make the most of life.

I've changed - and it's not only me that has noticed it. Scotty said he noticed a change the second I started taking the pill and I have a sneaky suspicion that that's why we've been having so many issues lately. 

I know that going back to the old me isn't going to happen overnight. Going off the pill will probably worsen my hormones and emotions for a few weeks, which I've already told Scotty to brace himself for. But in the long run, it will be the best thing for me and for my relationship. 

With all of the stress that's been erupting lately, it's given me a nasty breakout as well. I had two super attractive looking blind pimples beneath my nose and another on my chin that resembles a witches wort. Fantastic really...... so last night I dabbed on some toothpaste and pottered around my apartment smelling like a fresh breath. 
This morning I've woken up to the heads of the pimples finally peaking through (oh my GOD it's so sore!!). 
I've never really suffered from bad skin before. My boss says that there's a thing called Adult Acne... and that sometimes adults get it if they didn't have bad skin when they were a teen. Almost like a late bloomer... which I guess could be plausible considering I was a late bloomer with everything else in life from getting my period, developing boobs and so forth.....

During my lunch break today, I'm heading out onto the stormy streets of London to try and fix my spot infested face. 
I think it's going to look like a Zombie from The Walking Dead got out to be honest... but then it is Friday the 13th so maybe I'll look the part:

Does anyone have any suggestion on what products take pimples away quickly?

So tomorrow after putting on some fake french manicured nails, Scotty and I are going ring shopping.... jeepers. 

I'm pretty devastated that our first Valentine's together is ruined by my face that resembles a connect-the-dots game... but hey...
Thank GOD for cover-up!!


  1. Well let us know how you go over the next few weeks. I hope getting off the pill will help you get back to being you. Re pimples, yep I've heard of adult acne. I was pretty lucky as a teen, only getting one or two pimples here and there every few months. I still get them now, but a little more, especially on the chin. Gahhh I hate them. My only trick is to actually pop those buggers. Do it at night so in the morning they'll disappear. I know that it's NOT ok to pop them and everyone and their mothers will tell you this but hey, its always worked for me so...


  2. i think getting off the pill sounds like the right decision for you:-) and i hope your skin clears off soon as well! xx

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  4. Try the "la roche posay duo+" it's great! x


  5. The pill wasn't the greatest for me. It didn't mess with my moods, but I was nauseous all the time! Hope everything goes back to normal for you! And for pimples, I always dot tea tree oil on upcoming pimples. You don't have to douse it or anything. Really, just a tiny drop will do! Hope this helps!

  6. I had lovely skin as a teen and now it's awful! I always have spots around my chin and I have scars too. Not fair.

    Hope you feel better without the pill.

    Corinne x

  7. I hope you'll achieve the kind of skin and health you wish to have. Take it easy!

  8. Your acne might actually be to do with the pill, I get cystic acne when I went on the pill originally and am now on a different pill to combat it. Could be worth trying new pills too, some make me crazy whereas this one is fine :) good luck with it either way, hormones are the worst when they're misbehaving!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  9. The pill caused me all kinds of issues too... hence why I had to stop taking it too... My daughter was not able to take it either, I hope you find something that your body can handle, I had to try a lot of things trial and error.

    I hope your Valentine's was really great, I hope you take your time about getting married ... there is no need to rush, it is a really huge step xox

    Have a great rest of the weekend... we are snowed in for the next day, so I just plan to relax <3

  10. many woman complain about the pill...I don't think it's a very healthy option.