Monday, 2 February 2015

My Breakthrough with Alex (Oh... and I Don't Have A Broken Vagina!)

It's thrush. Good old thrush. Phewwww..... I'm not dying.

Why did I get thrush? Well.. because recently I got kicked down by a really nasty cold and had to take anti-biotics for it. Turns out that taking anti-biotics can cause thrush in woman. 
Now I'm back on anti-biotics to cure it!! Can you see the pattern here???? Hmmm.. anyway. 

Fantastic being a woman, isn't it??? We're such complicated creatures!

Anyway - so now that I've been poked and prodded by condom covered ultra-sound devices that look like petrifying dildo's, pregnancy and miscarriages were eliminated as well as my over-reaction that I may possibly be bleeding to death internally and a ginormous slice of my salary has been stolen from me... this blog can carry on back to normal. 

I have got to share with you my news about Alex!!!
Let me start from the beginning:

After Scotty decided to disappear on me once again and go out drinking (which he then apologized for after 12pm the next day saying that he had no signal on his phone until then!!! Really?! Convenient....) I got pissed off and decided not to see him for the weekend. It just happens far too regularly for me, you know? 

I was planning on just staying in with a good book and relaxing in my slippers and onsie:

Buuuuuuut then Alex invited me over to his place for a dinner party! I know, right!?
When I asked who else was coming he said that it was the personal trainer from gym and his French girlfriend.
Double date!?!? He may not have said it but I was thinking it. 
Of course I jumped at the chance. I was cross with Scotty and even though I am painfully attracted to Alex, I also do feel like I could finally be forming a proper friendship group. I've never really had one of those... it's always just been me. I don't have a 'click' or a 'group.' So this could be the start of something much more beneficial for me as a person! 

I bounded over to Waitrose and gathered up salad supplies after dabbing on some makeup and dressing 'down.' I'd opted for a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a black vest, a white hoodie and some white sandals. I didn't want it to seem like I'd dressed up for him, you know? 

When I got to his place, which is situated right out in the forest on a farm with rolling green hills and a valley of paddocks along the side of the dirt road.. I met his mother! She is an incredible woman and she actually stayed and ate dinner with us. 

After a trio of salads (remember we are all gym bunnies here....) we watched one of the best movies I think I have ever seen: 

The Interview. 

Watching a movie wouldn't really have been my first choice. I'm much more of an interactive person and would have preferred if the four of us had played a board game or something... but it was a seriously great film!

But when you watch a movie next to the guy you have the hots for - it can be really awkward! I didn't know how to sit, what the safe distance between us would be, what to do with my hands and arms..... so eventually I just sort of slumped down in this sofa that could have gobbled me up it was so soft and I crossed my arms over my stomach so that it almost looked like I was sulking!!! But I didn't know what else to do!

The WHOLE movie Alex was on his phone next to me texting someone and I couldn't help but get super annoyed with it. Why did he invited ME to this dinner and movie night if he was going to be sitting there texting some other girl the whole time???
But eventually he showed me, the personal trainer and the personal trainers French girlfriend a picture of this battered up guy who was in the hospital. Turns out the other staff on call in the hospital that night were messaging him pictures of this guys x-rays.
So I needn't have got upset. 

Once or twice I did think he may just reach out and touch my leg or my hand but he didn't and I am actually grateful for that. 
I would have wanted to hold his hand back but cheating is something I don't agree with so I wouldn't want to do that until things with Scotty have been sorted out. 

Plus.. with this whole thrush thing, Scotty has been so lovely about it. He drove me to the gynecologist and even brought me lunch AND paid for the medicine. He really does try sometimes. 

Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Memes

OK.... so at least I know what the hell is going on with my lady business now. 
And as for the Scotty / Alex situation... well, that's the ongoing tale that makes this blog what it is. 

I'm glad today is nearly over. It's definitely been testing.

Tomorrow is a new day and I get to see a very sexy shirtless Alex in the gym for an hour or two - but then I have Scotty over for dinner. 

Hmmmm... life aint so bad... (even with thrush). 

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  1. It is really difficult to know the right thing to do when relationships are concerned...I hope you make the best decision for yourself... something that makes you happy ;-)

  2. Alex or Scotty...sounds like quite a dilemma!
    you have a very entertaining way of writing.

  3. love that onesie and the drama!!

  4. sounds like you had quite a nice evening:-) and i'm sure some kind of solution to the whole scotty/alex will present itself. also, hope you feel better vagina-wise soon, haha! x

  5. I hope you make the right decision for you! Hope you feel better too :)

    A Forte For Fashion


  6. Hahaha this post made me laugh. Thrush is such a bitch, I was on antibiotics for like a year from constant water infections so I made sure I ate loads of probiotic yoghurts to help prevent it! Scotty sounds like he would be a really nice guy if he stopped drinking, just whether or not he will! I'm sure something will happen to eventually make your decision :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  7. Oh god, that sounds complicated! You made me laugh and yes, life ain't bad even with thrush! :)

  8. Well, good luck! It sounds like interesting things are happening for you. Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog. :)

  9. Tug of war with you in the middle! Not exactly a terrible place to be, especially between those two cuties

  10. Babeeee, you're hilarious! Ok, I know that this isn't supposed to be funny, and you're actually stuck in a dilemma, but girllll, you sure are living your life to the edge!! I can totally feel you when you said how awkward it feels like sitting next to a guy you've got hots for!! Happened to me, and GOD, it was totally awkward. Do I sip the drink? Do i grab the popcorns? We were sharing it from the same cup (different straws ha!)...too awkward. But this Alex does seem like a nice guy. If Scotty keeps doing his disappearing acts, then girl, you need to step up your game, and move on.

  11. owh... I never know how to advise on relationships... Mine sucks, so actually I should not do that not to spread bad habits...I will cross my fingers for you, I belive you will make a right choice!

  12. Oh my god I love your blog! I haven't laughed like this at a blog for such a long time!!! Don't worry - I've also been hit with thrush before. Its horrid and just make sure you get the real meds not the generic cheaper ones because they don't work as well!!!
    Once you take the meds and put on some cream the swelling should go down within 24 hours.. it won't last forever don't worry!
    As for your guy problem... what Scotty did for you during this sitution sounds really sweet. And how often can you be that comfortable with a guy to tell him about these thngs and have him help!?
    But yeah I do think he needs to stop the drinking and the drugs..... its cool to let loose every so often and to enjoy a night out but it doesn't have to end in drugs.

  13. Only you could see the positives in life with thrush. At least ignore it. Yes we women are great aren't we. The shit we endure, bleeding once a month and everything. Yippee! (Not) I don't really know what to say now, about Scotty. I realised there was another post I missed out too lol. Him running out on you and not letting you know that he's at least breathing is not cool girl. I can't imagine how stressed you are with these disappearances. Is this something you guys have talked about? I feel like you should put your foot down and demand he make some kind of effort on that part. It's not a harmless stamp collecting hobby he goes on benders without warning. You're not his mother, you're his partner and he shouldn't be treating you and blocking you out like that. But anyway I'm glad you're becoming "friends" with Alex. He sounds like Prince bloody Charming. Tell me, does his farts smell like roses too? I swear it's like a fairytale character. He's just out of a relationship and you're in one so becoming friends isn't such a bad idea. And sadly for you I don't think he's the kind of guy who'll disrespect that fact. I see a beautiful friendship forming.


  14. It looks that you have really important decision to make, but you are not sure, what to do. I would like to tell you who of them will be perfect for you, but unfortunately I don't know. In any case, it is really interesting and I like reading your texts. I'm also curious what choice you will make.

  15. very nic this post, I love her style!

  16. you're so funny girl!

  17. Never know what to advise with relationships. Thrush is horrid, hope you feel better!! xx

  18. omg that sound complicated. I guess it is all about time, don't make some fast decisions… just wait a bit and finally I guess you will know your answer :)
    thanks a lot for your sweet comment:) actually I don't know why but my google friends connect does not work.. I try to figure out this problem :) but you can follow me via google circles:) they are more reliable!

    Btw just followed u via gfc and google circles! xx

    INSTAGRAM — hellodashi

  19. i always like a double date because it;s one outing that gets me laughing all through because both parties relax and joke about everything. I absolutely hate taking anti-biotics but as a women these things happen and one has to take them. Great post dear,following you on GFC now.


  20. Hello greetings.

    Your frankness delights me and your catch22 situation intrigues me but your humor makes me laugh.

    I am not an expert to provide a solution. But with my simple logic, I think you can toss a coin and select one of them or you can make friendship with a third person to enlarge your circle of friends before selecting one. If you were living in India, I would have advised you to visit an astrologer with their horoscopes. Ha,ha,ha.

    I just joked. Don't take my advice. It is your life and you must decide.

    Excellent photos of lovely smart people.

    Wish you all the best.

  21. Hhahaha. Oh dear. I wonder what will happen. I kind of want something to happen with Alex but I feel bad for Scotty! Have you forgiven Scotty for being a dick again then?

    Corinne x

  22. No doubt--you will make the decision that's right for you! T.

  23. Hahaha what a read ! :) I'm so curious. It is almost like a series ---- what's gonna happen next episode? :)

    It's a good day when you know all is well with your lady parts!! hehe


  24. Babeeee...Scotty is hilarious!! He keeps asking you if V-day is on 17th? Hahahaha!! I bet he's trying to be funny! No one can be that ignorant now, come on!!!!! But it's silly and cute that he keeps asking you that! My boyfriend doesn't even mention it -_- (Ignorance is bliss). I will message Scotty telling him to give you some emeralds and rubies, ok? xD He better...he's got a diamond girlfriend! :)

  25. Amazing evening! I hope you feel better now.

    Jasmine x