Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentines Day, Proposals and Such...

OK that last post was like, WAYYYY too deep for my liking. I started this blog as a creative outlet, yes, but I wanted it to be done in a humorous and entertaining way... where I share with everyone my struggles through a mid-twenties love life! And that's what it's going to be... no more talk about depression and suicide.

With that said... here's the latest update in the life of me, Mystery Girl:

As women, we all dream of being proposed to. Who doesn't want that fairy-tale moment of a guy down on one knee, producing that little black velvety box with a sparkly diamond inside?

Scotty and I have been in an awful place - we've been bickering continuously and I know I'm the one to blame for it. I've started to instigate fights and I know it's because I haven't been 100% happy... but for all the negative about Scotty, there is also a mass amount of good.

Yesterday, after another one of our fighting matches, we basically split up... but in a desperate attempt to win me back he told me that the reason he'd just sold his motorbike was to buy me a ring.... 'the' ring.
He said that it was supposed to be a surprise but that the cat is now out of the bag.
I don't know if he's making it all up - I mean, just last weekend he was dragging me around marine shops looking for a kayak. Now suddenly he said the money for his bike was always intended for a engagement ring... who knows.
He then revealed the Valentines plans he had for us..... ring shopping.
RING SHOPPING......... on Valentines day.
Is a relationship of 5 months too soon to be heading in that direction?
I guess you do get those crazy in love couples that do it... when you know, you know! Right?
But do I know?

NOTHING is happening with Alex. As far as I can tell, he just thinks of me as a new gym friend and someone to talk to whenever he's interested.

He's gorgeous - he's successful, he's kind, he's funny, he's smart, he's creative and outdoorsy and pretty much everything that I could ever ask for...  but after the last couple of weeks, I haven't picked up one romantic connection between us.... (much to my dismay).
That's fine - I guess he just doesn't feel that way about me and that's OK.
We're friends (kind of...) and that's how I see it staying. So I have to stop the perving over his drool-worthy body and stop shaking at the knees every time he smiles at me or helps me with carrying weights in the gym.
It was nothing more than a fantasy... and now I need to let it go.

So after work this saturday it's off to the shops with Scotty to find out my ring size and to try on dozens of different rings so that he can gauge what I like.
We'll go watch a movie afterwards, I'm thinking Fifty Shades of Grey!
Have any of you seen it??
Perhaps we'll play ten-pin bowling and end the night off with some supper surprise that he has in store for us. He told me about it with a twinkle in his eye so I'm not 100% sure what he's up to but I have a feeling it may be him cooking lobster at home. I've been hinting towards wanting that FOREVER now.

I think he'll propose within the next couple of months and then I'll be a fiance.

After all I've told you about Scotty - do you think I'm mad for going along with this? Or do you think maybe, just maybe, this could be a chance to stop being the single girl with an endless supply of tossed up love stories?
Am I going to have that ring on my finger and become a crazed bride-to-be, attending wedding expo's and changing this blog into a wedding planner or will things take a completely different path???

It's all coming up.... in future episodes of Mystery Girl ... (and the exciting thing is that not even I know what is in store for me! I'm writing the story one day at a time. I hope you're enjoying it?!)

Until next time,

Mystery Girl



  1. I think you have to do what's right for you... I have a hard enough time making choices for myself, so I don't feel like I can run anyone elses life.

    I'd love to be married but he would have to be incredibly special... I just can't accept less anymore... I've wasted so much time already...

  2. Interesting.. it's your life, you've got to live it. Keep that in mind. If you're happy go for it. Just don't get engaged or married because you think it's the right thing to do and you don't want to hurt his feelings.


  3. Getting engaged is a tough decision, it's important to think carefully. To be honest, I feel that if you still need to think about it when you get proposed, then it might be the wrong type of guy for you. I believe it must be an absolute 'YES'!

  4. Interesting post, you'll be a fiancé soon!

    Beauty & Colour

  5. You have one crazy interesting life! It honestly sounds too soon but those couples that jump into this kinds of thing because they “feel it” are probably the ones that last forever so you just have to do what you want to do! Let that gym guy though haha Looking forward to future “episodes” of your life :P

  6. Wow babe....that sure must be overwhelming for you. A proposal..within 5 months. Personally babe, I think you should give it some more time. I mean, I'm not being pessimistic, but babe, you have to listen to your heart. Sometimes that's what's going to tell you the right answer. And as "fairytale" as this situation might seem, we need to be a little practical. Is he proposing because he wants to? Or is he proposing just for the sake of it so that you guys don't break up? :/ I wish I could seriously help!! :(


  7. Ahh crap! I can't believe you are so calm and collected about this. I'd definitely be freaking out. I don't know! I think it's good to keep your "just friends" status with Alex but can you really imagine being married to Scotty forever ever???

  8. Holy moly that was not what I have expected! Take the ring and then dump him ;-) I'm just kidding. I'm sure you know the answer :D

    xx glamdevils.com / miradevils.blogspot.com

  9. wow, I've just found your blog and love it!!
    This is the type blog that I really take my time to read the post.
    Selling a motorbike for an engagement ring after 5 months? did I read that right? personally I think it's a bit crazy.


  10. I think no relationships are perfect and it's natural to have doubts, but you just need to do what's right for you. If saying yes to Scotty feels icky and wrong, or like you're just going along with it, maybe you should think about your answer.

    Corinne x

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  12. Girl, from my last comment, I don't think you're crazy at all. There is a reason why you're still with him, it's just clouded and hard to see. But deep, deep down do you feel an inkling that this is wrong and you shouldn't be with him? It might be hard to hear and find that feeling but that's were your answer lies. I think, I'm no Dr Phil though just from experience. I had a feeling that my relationship was not right for me, that it was clipping my wings and such. And it was right all along.