Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Revenge With A Weed Plant

I'm angry. 

Two days ago Scotty's ex (who lives next door to him,) stomped over to his place and stole back a pot plant that she had given him when they were still together. That's not what I'm angry about, though.

Scotty then decided that it would be a fabulous idea to have a bottle of wine before going over to her place at Midnight, dig the plant out of the pot and plant a weed in its place. No.... I'm not lying. At midnight!!! The fact that he's even going around to her place that late is worrying enough...........

Worst of all, he never told me until last night when I asked him if he'd heard from her since their run in the other day at his Auntie's house. If you want to read what happened at that crazy incident, click HERE
When he told me, I was in shock. Why didn't he just tell me from the beginning?! Like, TWO DAYS AGO?!?!? I'm honestly not comfortable with the fact that she lives so close. It's a lot to deal with and on top of that she's got all the same friends as him, works as a waitress in ALL of the cafes we want to go to for breakfast, she ALSO works for his Auntie in her gardening center and has basically just weaseled her way into every part of his life. 

Obviously, she noticed the weed plant and came knocking on his door. 
It all just seems like a tennis match of childishness and immaturity to me and it makes me feel uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable.

I got angry and turned my back on him in bed last night - then he got angry with me for being upset! He got so defensive and said, 'this is why I didn't tell you in the first place!'

If your boyfriend did something like that wouldn't you be upset? 

How would you handle it? 


  1. Yo sweeetie!! <3 Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog, and yes, Singapore is ok. The plane crash was tragic! But then again, so are our lives :p And...Wow..this Scotty guy is really becoming shadier day by day!! He's really reminding me of one of my exes. Terrible human being he was (or is, idk if he's still alive?). But goddd, what happened once was he "accidentally" got drunk, went to a party, made out with a girl, and got her pregnant. Oh and guess who was the last to get the invite to the baby shower? Me. (I'm kidding, I didn't even get the invite. I was stalking him, and found out that my bf was becoming a daddy!) That's when he became my ex-bf!! And trust me, just like Scotty, he was very nice, and caring. And would always get super defensive if i asked him about his whereabouts! Tsk!!

  2. Oh dear, the revenge is bad ! Bad! Hahaha , well I would be upset and yes it all seems like a childish thing . He should let it go.

  3. For me the fact that he kept this from you and then got upset when you did... tells me he needs to grow up...

    I dated a guy once that was upset with his ex as she owed him a great deal of money and he was willing to spend the same amount of money to go after her, so he would basically come out even... that was when I though... ahhh... why? Oh... you still want her in your life.... have at it.

    He is not with her but only because she wouldn't give him the time of day, now he is with and insecure and manipulative woman... interesting how men are attracted to that type of woman instead of strong woman who knows what she wants and will be an equal partner... men frustrate me beyond no end...

    I hope you do what is right for you xox

  4. cool post

  5. hahaha, I love that.
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  6. Upset? Yep is sure thing :D but after I will act that i am better person and I dont care too much, so I would put the big smile on my face and say "Honey, I need to visit somebody in midnight, dont wait for me"

  7. wow what a story, it was kind of funny though to put weed in it :)
    but he should have discussed it with your first :)
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  8. hahaha....nice post
    keep in touch

  9. Hahaha, what a dick! Why would he do that? He really does need to learn when to pick his battles, doesn't he?

    Corinne x

  10. He just doesn't seem open or honest with you, at least from all the things you tell us.....
    That's kind of funny planting a weed in its place, though.. hahahaha

  11. I wouldn't know what I would do!!! I would be a little worried but I guess once I can trust him, I wouldn't care. But it is kind of childish what they are doing.
    bleh :(

    That sucks.

  12. Gorgeous post!
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  13. I'm not really sure what's going on in this blog but I love it? Your posts are put together in such an interesting way I just want to keep reading. Good luck with your SO endeavours! However, I'd just like to tell you men in general have a habit of lying. I'd be upset but it's really just a male thing. Don't worry about it too much :)

  14. Frankly if my bf did something like that he would be my ex by now!!

    xx /

  15. that does sound like a wee immature game, he should realize how stupid and petty his actions look like instead of undermining your feelings! xx

  16. Hello,

    I always thought that when people are in real love they won't do petty things like this. I don't understand this at all. Why he is behaving in such a foolish way? She is a very hard working girl. She deserves to be treated much better than this.

    Very interesting.

    Best wishes

  17. I'd be terribly upset if that happened to me. As you say, it's childish behaviour!

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  19. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't be too happy about it but then again, men are oftentimes idiots and don't think before they do things. Is he forgiven?

  20. Ooh I definitely would be pissed off if this happened! I think I'd just explain why I was annoyed, and then hopefully he'd actually understand and NOT repeat!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  21. Well I definitely wouldn't be impressed and the fact that he recognised that "I knew you'd react this way" and still did it?! It seems so childish really. And over a pot plant. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't plants cheap. And doesn't his auntie own or work at a nursery? Surely he'd get discounts there (as would the ex too). Girrrrrrl you have every right to be upset. That was a total dumbass move, for both parties at that.