Friday, 20 February 2015

Insert Girlish Squeal Here

SO much has happened!!! I don't even know where to start... 

I guess I should start with recapping Valentines Day.. how Alex came into work to visit me and sent me a text afterwards telling me I looked stunningly beautiful. That's just the start of it. 

See, there's this guy in his 50's, grey haired with this creepy pointed mustache that keeps bothering me at work. He keeps asking me out and won't take no for an answer. After about seven attempts, I'm really fed up! Usually it would feel great to have a guy being so persistent, but not if he's some divorcee, old enough to be my father and driving a mid-life crisis convertible sports car!

So... My lovely Alex friend swooped in and said he'd deal with him if I needed him to. He was so protectively, sadistically sweet... telling me that he'd beat him up with his own creepy arms that he would tear off from his body if he continued to harass me!!! I know that sounds crazy - but my cheeks actually hurt from smiling so much when I read that text. 
He even said I could say that he was my boyfriend to get him off my back! I mean, come on!! I wish he was my boyfriend....... whoops! Did I just say that out loud???

Anyway, I thanked him and he sent me back this jokey text telling me that his services didn't come cheap.

Flirting! Cha ching!!

So while he started to think about a suitable remuneration, we met up at the gym. We don't do much talking at the gym. It's all training time... which is fine by me because he is so damn delicious to just look at anyway. ESPECIALLY when he takes his shirt off and does pull-ups on the bars. I swear all the woman's jaws need to be pushed back up from the floor! It's crazy how hot he is.
Yet... after gym... he sent me a text saying I look stunning in my gym outfit! ME. I don't even HAVE a real gym outfit!! I have old worn out trainers with the soles half torn off, my mothers old cycling shorts and a plane white vest. But he thinks I look good!

Here's where I decided to be ballsy... lately he's been texting me every morning to say he hopes I have a good day (awww!) but today I decided it was my turn to wish him a good day first. 

So I did:

Good morning! It is going to be a beeeeeeautiful day. Hope you have a good one x

I like to think it was happy, positive and not too 'take me now!' If you know what I mean? A few minutes later my phone buzzed to life with his reply:

Good morning pretty lady! Have a great day!

Pretty lady! 



I actually cannot contain my glee.

So I did what I had to do... I grabbed my window of opportunity and flew right through it.
I waited a few hours before texting him back:

How is your day going handsome? ;)

Yes, I winked. Crap. 
I felt much more confident before I pressed the send button. I wasn't sure if that was a little too forward. But then again, he called me 'Pretty Lady,' so why can't I call him, 'Handsome?' 
Two can play at this game!

Things seemed to be going SO great... until I saw him at gym again. I approached him with a shy smile and he hugged me hello. I didn't even care that he was all sticky with sweat. 
We started discussing our weekend plans and he told me he was off to the city for some work things and then to see friends. I knew what he meant. He was off to see Whitney. 

Those of you who have started to read my blog regularly will know she's the new girl on the scene, even though he says that he isn't seeing anyone and that she's just a special friend. 
I didn't lead on that I knew he was going to see her - because I don't want to come across as jealous or anything... I'm not really jealous. I can't be jealous at this stage because nothings even happened between us. But I'm confused. 

Why won't he tell me he's seeing someone??? 

But it doesn't stop there.........

After gym I texted him and told him to travel safely and he texted back:

Hope you have a great evening pretty lady!

It still makes me weak at the knees.... 

He'd had a hair cut, so I texted him back:

Thanks! Nice hair cut btw! So whats new with you? We don't get to chat much at the gym. I almost had a date last night but I freaked out and cancelled it at the last minute!

That part wasn't exactly a lie. I did have a date planned the other night actually... with an Indian! It wouldn't have been romantic or anything... but I just wanted to learn more about Indian food and culture so I'd got talking to someone but he started making me feel a bit weird. He was asking me what I was wearing and asking for 'selfies,' which isn't really my thing..... so I bailed. 

Haha! Why? Poor guy! Not too much happening with me. Just plodding along!

In between our texts, I'd found my way to a bar close to home. I needed a drink after hearing that Alex would be seeing Whitney.... alcohol numbs my confusion. 
After a refreshing drink, I had the courage to finally make a big move by texting him back:

I just don't see a connection with him to be honest.. so why waste time? Plus he turned out to be a bit of a creep anyway. 
Plus I am kinda perving over someone else ;)

I winked again. Yes. 
Oh so subtle, mystery girl. 

There was no going back once I'd sent him that message. 

Ohhhhh shit. 

Haha! He must have been pretty devastated! 
Who are you perving over? 

My heart started thundering in my chest. What the HELL was I supposed to text him back now!?! There's no way I could be so forward as to just say, 'You!' Could I???
With the help of the barman, the restaurant manager and a friend (three guys more clueless in love than me,) they helped me type my response:

You can know... in exchange for my I.O.U
If you're willing to part with that?

This would be the perfect remuneration for helping me get rid of the old guy with the creepy mustache. But a part of me was sure he wouldn't cash that I.O.U in just yet. 

Deal! I think that is a pretty fair trade.

Damnit. No really.... that's actually what I texted him back. Now I'd really put my foot in it!!!

He texted me again shortly after:

You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. 
Everything in good time... 

But now I wanted to tell him. I'd liked him for weeks - if not months already. The reality was that I had met him months ago when he was still dating Marissa. I'd been at a concert with some friends that knew them and got introduced to him that night. Even back then, I was drooling over him. You just don't GET guys like that.... he is everything. Smart, successful, stunning, strong and seriously sweet. 
After a LONG think about what to say back, I finally slowly typed:

I met him at a concert. 

You couldn't get more obvious if you tried. 
It was done!
Now he knew.

Two minutes later his response came through:

Oh! That's nice! Which concert may this be? Is it possibly the one from last year where I missed the majority of the concert? Lucky guy! 

Yes, yes it was. The one and only. 
But he was now playing dumb.... come on!!!!! Argh..... 

Yes. I only met one guy that night..... ok.. enough said. Blushing now.

Now he HAD to get the hints. He was the only one I'd met that night.
By now, my heart was racing as though I'd just finished a 1000 meter sprint!

Haha! There were a lot of guys there that night! I think this is a discussion we need to have in person!

In person! He wants to talk about it in person. Like mature adults. 

Just say when... haha have a great eve Dr. Alex!

I wanted to end the conversation there. I wanted to give it space and time to sink in for both of us. 

When I'm back from the city. Have a great evening!

So we're meeting up next week and while I'm practically glowing with happiness, I kind of have a hope that Alex is on the other end of the phone doing something like this:

I'll let you know how our meeting goes!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. ahh, this sounds all exciting! i feel like i've been missing a lot of things happening in your life, haha! xx

  2. Omg! Really a lot happened to you, I'm so interested what will be the continuation of your relationship with Alex.

  3. Good luck and keep us posted :)

  4. I am interested in how this will all play out... I am sort of glad you didn't get engaged to Scotty yet... we will have to see how that works out... xox

    Thank you for your very lovely comment that you left me on my blog, I was very touched... I hope you make the best decisions for your life, the ones that will make you happy long term... xox

  5. Oh wow! But what about Scotty? Any news with him?

    Hope it goes well.

    Corinne x

  6. Oh it is so exciting! I am sure he was doing that last gif :D and he is so sweet to protect you from that old creep. Hope the meeting will end up well :)
    P.S.: you have the cutest gifs :)

  7. So I guess Alex is in the 2 B continued box for now! Can't wait to hear what happens next!

  8. Sounds like he does have a pretty good idea it's him. :)) Hope it works out, and he it really a great guy for you.


  9. Whoaaaa! I feel like I have missed out on so so so much now!! What happened to Scotty? Have you called quits with him? You totally should. He seems kinda jerk-ish, you know? And this Alex...woooooot...I am so so happy sweetie that you took the courage to initiate this matter. Now I cannot wait for next week when you actually meet him in person. Remember, 10 seconds of courage is all your need, and trust me, something good will defintiely come out of it. Either he can accept you (which is Yayyy!!) or say no (so what? Tons of fishes in the sea!). Good luck sweetie!! And pleaseee keeep me posted!!! ^_^

  10. Hahah this sounds like so much fun! I feel like I've been though something similar too :) ! BTW I am finally back to blogging :) My bf had whisked me away for a holiday

  11. Eeeeeeee! I wish I could high five you right now! Or bring over some bubbly to pop and celebrate! I want to say more, but I need to know more so I'm off to read the latest post and find out WTF HAPPENED!!!!!!!